Camrose Stud

Sporting Colour

Semen Order

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Sambertino will be available to a limited number of mares only from 1st May - 31 July 2015.

N.B.  Semen not available for collection on Tuesday 16 June

Stud Fees

Chilled Semen


£600 discounted by £100 (£500) if paid by April 1st

(Concessions for Performance and Graded Mares by agreement)

* * * * *

Stud fees are non-refundable. 


Mares which either do not conceive or reabsorb will be charged half the previous year’s stud fee for the following year (i.e., £300 for 2016), excluding collection charges, providing the stallion is available.

This is subject to a Veterinary Certificate confirming the mare is not in foal by 1 October 2015.  Without this confirmation, the reduced stud fee cannot be offered.


Mares which are inseminated for the first time after 1st July 2015 and do not conceive will be offered a Return (excluding collection charges) in 2016 providing the stallion is available.

* * * * *

Sambertino is 100 Day Performance Tested at Neustadt-Dosse. 

He was placed 8th out of the 43 stallions on test (Dressage score) where his scores included 2 rarely awarded maximum 10's for both Temperament & Attitude to Work.

Sambertino has had a successful competition career in Holland, the UK & Germany, with both amateur & professional riders - some of the highlights include:

PAVO Cup qualifier as 4 & 5 yr old - Holland

BD Regional winner & National Championship competitor in the UK

Landkreis Dressage Champion winner with Eckhard Wahlers in Germany

 * * * * *

Sambertino is life approved with ZfdP & SHB (GB) & been awarded ELITE stallion status by CHAPS & BSPA.


Foal registrations available with SHB(GB), KWPN, Oldenburg, ZfdP, NRPS, CHAPS (Elite Dressage), BSPA (Elite Performance), Cheval de Selle, Westfalen, Rheinland & all South German Verbands.